Saturday, September 25th 2021: How Do I Start a Career in Real Estate?

“I’ve been thinking about getting into a career in real estate but I have no idea where to get started or what the process involves. Can you help?”


I hear this all the time and I’m always happy to share that getting started in Real Estate is a lot easier than you might think.

  1. Sign up for real estate school

  2. Study for and Pass the exam

  3. Join the Association of Realtors

  4. Find a company to work for

Super simple, right? I’ll break down each step a bit further:

  1. Sign up for real estate school- The state of Nevada requires 90-hours of education to obtain a Real Estate License. You should look for a real estate school with a proven track record for helping people prepare for and pass the test. Another important consideration is the school’s ability to work with your schedule. The Real estate School of Nevada is Nevada’s #1 real estate school because it provides students with

90 Hour Principles, Practices & Ethics (Live/Online)  – The 90-hour Principles, Practices and Ethics course is designed for anyone who is seeking a real estate salespersons license. Course includes 30-hours of live instruction and 60 hours of online/correspondence. All materials are provided for online learning to include course content, quizzes, and practices test. To earn your certificate of completion from the school, you must complete a final exam which is similar to the NV Real Estate exam required for your license. The exam is comprised of 120 multiple choice questions. 80 questions are on the national content and 40 questions are on the state content. You must pass each section with a minimum score of 75%.

  1. Study for and Pass the exam- PearsonVUE is the current provider of the NV Real Estate Exam. Their test has 85 questions for the national portion with 80 questions scored. The state portion has 45 questions with 40 scored. Reviewing the course material, quizzes, and practice test will prepare you for similar questions from PearsonVUE.

PearsonVue Professional Centers. There are 2 locations in Las Vegas, 1 in Reno and a testing location in Elko, Nevada. n addition to taking your live and/or online session, the Real Estate School of Nevada offers FREE tutoring and Weekend Prep classes to help you prepare for test day. We offer study plans for students that provide an outline of how you can reach your goal in a timely fashion. Our staff and instrutors are here to help!

  1. Join the Association of Realtors

  2. Find a company to work for- Real estate companies are often called brokerages- Don’t look for a company that promises a particular number of leads or high commissions. We recommend that you look for a company that has a proven track record of success. A new real estate agent needs a company that has proven systems, education, and lead generation tools that you help you convert leads to closed transactions. Choose a company that offers services such as: name recognition, training and mentoring, broker support, tools and systems, technology, staff support and a professional facility and prime locations. The Real Estate School of Nevada offers job placement.

Simple, right? We will help you through every step of the process and our career counselors will follow up to make sure you are able to receive your license in the time frame you expected.

As humans we have a tendency to procrastinate, to make things harder than they really need to be but this is not a time to do that. If you’re thinking about getting your license you should just do it!