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How do I get Started?

Choose your course - online instruction. Call our office at 702.454.1936 or enroll here. Payment can be made online. Once your payment is received, an email will be sent with instructions to log in to our system and gain access to the online course and e-books. These would cover both the National and Nevada State Law portion of the exam. Hardcopy books are available for an additional fee to supplement your learning. These books include course material and exam prep.

How many hours do I need to get my Nevada Real Estate License?

120-hours of education are required to obtain a Nevada Real Estate License. To earn your certificate of completion from the school, you must complete a final exam which is similar to the NV Real Estate exam required for your license. The exam is comprised of 120 multiple choice questions. 80 questions are on the national content and 40 questions are on the state content. You must pass each section with a minimum score of 75%.

Can I take the classes at home ?

Yes. You can take the courses completely online. We have found that students perform better with instruction and a dedicated study plan. That plan may include tutoring or a Weekend Prep opportunity. It depends on you, your learning style and preferences and your motivation. We offer options to help meet your needs and schedule.

Do I need to take the classes in order?

No. We strongly suggest you take the Nevada Law portion in order, but the topics are stand-alone content. Read the chapter and take the practice test prior to attending the session. Then, review the content once more and test again. Repeat the practice tests often to keep the material fresh. Enrolled students will receive test-taking tips as well as techniques and a recommended study plan. Supplemental course material is available for purchase in our online bookstore, at the Real Estate School, and during tutoring sessions.

How long do I have to complete the course?

Students are provided a 6-month access, but we recommend a 6 week – 2-month study plan. What we have found is students that commit to this timeline typically perform better on the exam. Those who implement a shorter study plan and stick to it frequently achieve their goals in a timely manner.

What is on the Nevada Real Estate Exam?

PearsonVUE is the current provider of the NV Real Estate Exam. Their test has 85 questions for the national portion with 80 questions scored. The state portion has 45 questions with 40 scored. Reviewing the course material, quizzes, and practice test will prepare you for similar questions from PearsonVUE.

How can I study for the Nevada Real Estate exam?

In addition to taking your online session, the Real Estate School of Nevada offers FREE tutoring and Weekend Prep classes to help you prepare for test day. We offer study plans for students that provide an outline of how you can reach your goal in a timely fashion. Our staff and instructors are here to help!

What do I do if I fail the Nevada Real Estate exam?

Don’t be discouraged. You got this! Review the question to find out why you missed it. We have found that if students are able to uncover the underlying principle or concept, they never miss the question again.

How much does the Nevada Real Estate test and license cost?

The PearsonVUE exam will cost $100 and your Real Estate License application fee will cost $125.

When I purchase my course, how long until I can take my licensing exam?

You will be ready to take your exam in as little as 10 days by attending class 3 hours a day and doing the appropriate assignments and study.

Am I required to join the Board of Realtors?

No, but your brokerage might. If you choose a specific brokerage that is a “board brokerage”, they may require you to join the board. In addition, you must join the Board of REALTORS ® to use the local MLS (Las Vegas licensees).

How do I find a brokerage?

Do not look for a company that promises a particular number of leads or high commissions. Instead, we recommend that you look for a company that has a proven track record of success. A new real estate agent needs a company that has proven systems, education, and lead generation tools that you help you convert leads to closed transactions. Choose a company that offers services such as: name recognition, training and mentoring, broker support, tools and systems, technology, staff support, a professional facility, and prime locations. The Real Estate School of Nevada offers job placement to help you navigate this process.

How much can a Nevada realtor expect to make the first year?

The key is running your practice like a business. Be on the job every day, attend training and stay motivated. Although agents have earned 6 figures their first year, the average income reported for the first year of practice in Nevada is approximately $48.000.