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Initial real estate licenses in Nevada are valid for 12 consecutive months, expiring the last day of the month during which you obtain your license. Each licensing period thereafter is for a period of 24 consecutive months. During the first year, new licensees are required to attend instruction for a total of 30 hours with the specific courses outlined. We offer sessions on weekdays throughout the month. Visit our schedule for updated classes and call to register.

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First Year Post License

APost-licensing is used synonymously with post-license education. It’s the state-mandated education requirement for new realtors. To keep your real estate license active, you need to complete post-licensing training before your first license renewal. So, if in your state’s real estate licenses expire after two years, you have two years to complete your post-licensing education. As we mentioned above, post-licensing requirements are mandated and managed by individual states, but almost every state does have some post-licensing requirements.

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